Contributing to AU Open Coders

Note: Much of this contributing guideline came from the UofTCoders

Welcome to the Contributing guideline for AUOC. Thanks for taking the time to contribute! :clap::clap:

The following is a set of guidelines for contributing to the AUOC community, whether it be by teaching a lesson, fixing the website, helping to plan and organize our various events, or taking on a leadership role.

Table of Contents

  1. About AUOC
  2. How You Can Contribute

About AUOC

The AUOC group was formed to share and learn about coding techniques and best practices for computing and analysis in research. We hold frequent sessions in the format of mainly short code-alongs, but also longer workshops. To see our previous and upcoming events, you can visit our Events repo.

Code of Conduct

We adhere to a Code of Conduct and by participating, you agree to also uphold this code.

How You Can Contribute

Leading a Lesson

The Mozilla Science Study Group handbook here and here has several very good points about making a lesson. This section summarizes bits of the handbook, but also adds pieces that are missing from it. Check out the lesson bank too.

Creating the Content

Teaching in Class

Fixing and updating the website

There are two ways of fixing or adding to the website, either by:

If you want to view the website before submitting a Pull Request to make sure your changes are as you expect, you’ll need to:

Other Ways to Get Involved

Helping Out at Our Events

We hold various sessions that incorporate code-alongs, and having the help of more advanced users to help out the beginners is very much appreciated.

Taking On A Leadership Role

We are still developing this group so if you are interested in taking on a larger role, please contact us! Best way would be to come to one of our sessions and talk to us!